I mentioned in the last post that I had an Atari 2600. Well, I actually just dug it out from under the guest room bed and hooked it up this past weekend! AND IT WORKS!! There are a few games that I have had to blow in (remember that) to make it work, but for the most part they work!

I showed the kids what “Mommy’s Game System” looked like and they were all over it! I just knew they were going to say “What is that?”. But they could not wait to try it out. Kayla (8) did say that the graphics looked flat. LOL!!!! I said “Why yes. Yes they are!”

I actually have 2 working Atari 2600s. I have the original (no wood grain though!) and I have a smaller Atari 2600 Jr. I think I have about 25 games. I have Donkey Kong, River Raid, Frogger, Demon Attack, Combat, Pac Man, Mrs. Pac Man,  Qbert, Solaris, Spaced Invaders, and much, much more! I can remember taking many trips to Zayer with my mom where they had the huge bin of Atari games that were usually like $5 each. Those were the days!

But now? These kids are spoiled rotten! Technology makes it too easy for them to have fun. Ok, this is true for adults as well. We are always connected. There is no shortage of dance games, shooters, Facebook games, iPhone games, and Angry Birds! Don’t get me wrong… I am not complaining. I am very happy that technology has evolved (obviously!) But, sometimes I just wonder how my kids would do without all of their gadgets!  My kids have DSi’s, Leapsters, iPhones, Xbox… You know the drill. I think that they would probably lose it if I forced them to unplug for a whole day. Ok, I might lose it too. 🙂

What was your favorite thing to do BEFORE Atari? And did you have an Atari at all? Or a ColecoVison? 🙂