As mentioned before my 8 year old girls each have one of my old model iPhones. And when they have those things in the house they are like little teens. They are playing games, singing, and dancing all over. LOL!

And I made sure that they are protected by locking down the parental controls on their phones. So any game that they play is previously approved by me. And in order to install anything new, they have to ask me first. When they come and ask me if they can download a game I take a look at it first and make sure that it is age appropriate.

Apps for Girls and Apps for Boys  are awesome apps that make finding age and gender appropriate apps for your kids very, very easy. It is an app store for kids! The first screen shows Featured Apps. The 2nd tab is Categories. Categories in Apps for Girls are cool utils, friendship, storybooks, education, fun games, music, and fashion and style.

I can tell you now that my girls would live in the fashion and style section! 🙂

Once you find an app that you want to download, it takes you out to the Apple App Store to make the purchase. So, a parent’s app store password is still required to make the purchase.

The app also showcases a spotlight app, and a discover button which allows the user to recommend an app, like Apps for Girls (or Boys) on Facebook, or Visit the Website.

The one improvement I like to see in these apps is the ability to show only FREE apps. Just in case! You know there is a bug (feature?) in the iOS system that can leave your app store password logged in for 15 minutes after a download. And in that time is when little fingers will download other apps. 🙂


On Apps for Boys there is a slight difference in the categories.  You know they have to appeal differently to boys than girls. 🙂 So, the categories are fun utils, awesome games, education, storybooks and action packed.

My boys do NOT have their own iPhones or anything as they are only five. But, they do often ask to play with their sister’s phones, or with my iPhone or iPad. And now I can help them find games that they will love to play.

If you have young kids that play with your iOS devices, download Apps for Girls or Apps for Boys to help them find great apps to keep them entertained and educated.

Both Apps for Available for FREE in the Apple App Store.

Download Apps for Girls.

Download Apps for Boys.