I have been talking about how it was *almost* November for a couple of weeks. Well here it is. It is officially November. Christmas is next month. And as I have already mentioned, tech items are at the top of the Christmas list. But how do you know what to get? There are some best bets out there that any tech lover would be happy to have. And getting those items in a one stop shop can save you a lot of time and money. I have always liked RadioShack. They were always the go to store when I needed a cable or cord for a computer project. And there is usually one nearby. As a matter of fact, I was just there last week picking up an RCA to Coaxial adapter to hook up my old Atari 2600 to my guest room TV! 🙂 Yes as I mentioned before,  I still have 2 working Atari 2600s. And, even though RadioShack has an awesome Trade & Save program to trade in old electronics, I am NOT trading in my Atari. Not that it would be worth anything anyway. LOL!! However, if you do have some older electronics still in great shape that you no longer use you can trade them in and use the money to purchase some of the awesome items mentioned below for yourself, or for your family.

I took a look at the RadioShack website to pick out 5 hot tech products for Christmas all priced at $199 or less.

  1. iPhone 4s 16gb – I’m sure there are a few out there that toyed with the idea of getting the iPhone 4s when it came out, but have not taken the leap yet. Or, with Christmas coming they have made it no secret that it is on their wish list. You can order an iPhone 4S in RadioShack. You can even trade in an older phone for a credit. Check out the Trade & Save website to see what your current phone is worth. The iPhone 4s 16gb is priced at $199.
  2. Amazon Kindle Fire – The hot new Amazon tablet that it being released on November 15, 2011 will be available in RadioShack stores. The price point on this tablet is perfect for those that might have been holding off investing in a more expensive tablet. It runs Amazon’s version of the Android OS and the reviews so far have been great. While it does not have a camera like some of its competition, it still does everything else that you need in a tablet. And, at only $199 it is the perfect gift for teens and adults alike.
  3. Sony Bluetooth Stereo Headphones with Microphone – For the music lover in your life that does not want to be tethered down, wireless headphones is an awesome gift. Bluetooth headphones are great because they can be used with a desktop or laptop computer (don’t forget the Bluetooth adapter if the computer is not equipped), and they can be portable for use with a Bluetooth enabled cell phone. This Sony set allows the user to answer a call while listening to music. They are priced at only $79.99.
  4. Haier 24” LED-LCD 1080p HDTV – My 8 year old girls don’t know it yet, but I strongly believe that there is a TV in their future for Christmas. They do not yet have one in their room, but I think the time is about right.  And at $199.99 this Haier TV is the perfect size and the perfect price. At 24 inches, it will fit in their room without taking up much space. And if I choose to I could even replace the existing 17” monitor on their computer with this one using the VGA input.
  5. Samsung SH100 14.2MP Digital Camera with Wi-Fi – I tested out this camera when I participated in the Samsung Coast to Coast Photo Tour. It’s an awesome pocket sized camera that takes great photos. And the added plus of built-in Wi-Fi allows you to share your photos even faster. It also has a touch screen which makes changes options easier than most. The SH100 is $199.99.

These are just a few suggestions of great tech items that you can find at RadioShack. There are many, many others things available for all age ranges, and tech addictions. 🙂


Disclosure: Although this post is brought to you by RadioShack and Technorati all thoughts and opinions are my own.