Updated for 2016

Yep, this one is back on the gift list. If there is anyone on your shopping list that loves coffee, they will absolutely adore a Keurig Brewing System! It’s the fast and easy way to get just one cup of coffee. There is no waste. There is no yelling at the last user because they did not make a new pot after drinking it all. The only thing to worry about is filling the reservoir with water. Brewing a cup of coffee takes only 1 – 2 minutes, less if the water tank is full and ready to go!


Back when I was a Keurig Ambassador I had the chance to try many, many, many varieties of the different coffees, teas, and even hot chocolate and apple cider that are available. It’s all yummy! Some of my favorites are the Donut House coffees. With flavors like Chocolate Glazed Donut and Cinnamon Roll, how can you go wrong? Years later thanks to my friends at Keurig I was upgraded to a Keurig 2.0 system which I still use and love. And now many, many companies make Keurig compatible K-Cups, so chances are you will have absolutely no problem finding your favorite brand.

keurig brewing system k-cups
And now there are several versions of the Keurig Brewing system available to fit your needs. And they make great gifts for anyone who loves coffee.

I use mine all the time. Probably way too much. 🙂 And we have a larger one suitable for office use where I work. It has a hookup direct to a water source so there is no refilling. AND it stashes away the K-Cups and tells you when the bin is full so that you can empty it.

Of course you do not get those fancy features in the home version. But it is still awesome and easy. Even my daughter loves to use it to make tea and hot chocolate.


The various Keurig systems can be purchased from Amazon starting at only  for only $70. Boxes of K-Cups average around $12 each.


Disclosure: The Keurig systems were provided to me for review.