Are you getting your tween or teen their first Smartphone for Christmas? Are you worried about just how much they can do with it? Are you worried about who they will talk to? Or who they can text? Most parents are. You don’t want the bill to get out of hand. But more importantly you want to make sure that your child is communicating safely. We hear a lot of stories in the news about children being drawn in to sexting with each other. Or even worse … perhaps they might be texting adults after exchanging numbers.

In reality, kids are being given cell phones much earlier these days. Parents want the security of knowing where their kids are. They want them to be able to call home if there is an emergency. Or in the case of kids who walk themselves home from school, they can call mom or dad while they walk home and chat to make sure that they get their safely. My girls are 8 and each had  prepaid cell phones that their Dad purchased on their 7th birthday. That phone did not have much protection. They could call any number on purpose or accidental, and there was no way to install parental controls. If you are going to give your kids cell phones, do it right. Make sure that they are protected all around with parental controls.

There are a number of ways that some carriers try to you to monitor your kids usage. But, this is carrier dependent and does not cover everything on certain cell phones. A better option is Bipper Kids.


What is Bipper Kids?

Bipper Kids is an app that you install on an Android phone. It hijacks (for lack of a better word) the phone’s dialer and messaging apps. This FREE app ensures that your child has a safe smartphone experience.

What Can You Do with Bipper Kids?

  • Setup guardians for your child
  • Limit the contacts that your child can dial
  • Limit the contacts that your child can text
  • Receive weekly reports of their activity
  • Receive an SOS message if you child is in trouble in conjunction with an audible alarm
  • Control everything and change options from
  • and more


If a cell phone is on your list to get for your kids this Christmas, consider an Android phone. You can get one either on a plan, or opt for a prepaid plan. Once that is done, check out, sign up, and protect your kids phones.