I work full-time outside of the home. But once a week I get to work from home. When I do it, it is very common to attend a meeting over the phone. I also do a fair share of conference calls for other jobs and event planning as well.  A lot of people get to take advantage of working from home and conferencing in for important events. The below post gives us one person’s view of how conference calls can save a mom’s sanity when it comes to work.


There’s nothing more infuriating for moms who work at home than being hauled into the office for a meeting or being sent here, there and everywhere to meet with existing or potential clients. Not only are there cost implications, but it can also leave you looking for last-minute childcare and have a big impact on general family life.

If this sounds like a familiar scenario then have you tried using conference calls to keep in touch with whoever you need to keep in touch with without needing to leave the comfort of your own home?

The benefits of a teleconference include:

  • Cheap.
  • Reliable.
  • Convenient.
  • Simple to use.

Communication is key for companies across every industry, especially in the current climate, if they are to survive, expand and evolve. However, staying in regular contact with a host of different people on a local and national scale can cost a small fortune, both financially and in terms of productivity.


Image provided courtesy of Andres Rueda via flickr creative commons

Having to attend face-to-face meetings with fellow work colleagues, customers and suppliers can involve spending hours away from your desk and, more importantly, your family on a weekly and monthly basis. Energy levels can dip dramatically and job satisfaction will also be hit hard if you’re caught on an endless treadmill of travel, meetings, more travel and more meetings.

The perfect way, then, to address the issue of the work-life balance, save money and perform day-to-day work duties just as efficiently is to give telephone conferencing a go. The brilliant thing about conference calling is that it offers flexibility to fit around your hectic schedule.

Conference calls take just a few seconds to set up so you can host or join one whenever and wherever you like with the minimum of fuss. Gone are the days when you have to go through the hassle of booking meeting rooms. Gone are those expensive travel claims that soon mount up. Gone are those frantic calls to loved ones asking if they’d mind babysitting your little ones while you head to the office.

It’s staggering to think of the unnecessary miles clocked up every year by businesses of all sizes going to and from meetings when they could save themselves a small fortune by simply picking up the phone.  Some telephone conferencing suppliers even offer free conference calls!

Mobile telephone conferencing apps are also now available, meaning you don’t have to be sat next to your landline all day waiting for that all-important call. Life is generally unpredictable for working moms, so you could really benefit from the flexibility that conference calls offer.


Image provided courtesy of MadeByMark via flickr creative commons

Conference calls, though, are not the only way that stay-at-home moms can keep in touch remotely with their counterparts in the world of business as video conference calls and web conferencing are two other options to consider.