I have written before about the fact that I used to be an avid computer builder. I started it because I wanted to learn how to do it. And, at the time it was a lot more reasonable to build a computer than to go out and buy one.  Over the years the prices of computers have come down, and life has gotten busy, so I don’t do much custom building anymore.

I also used to build for others. And there are still some services out there that do this for those that truly want a custom machine! For around $500 I could build a pretty decent desktop machine. Each one could be tweaked and souped up to fit the user. It was and still is awesome to be able to do that.

But now, since I don’t do that much anymore I have to show my geekiness in other ways. I recently posted a photo of what my desk looks like at some times (when it’s fairly clean – LOL!).

From left to right there is my 17″ HP Quad-Core laptop that I have had for like 2 years. My dual monitors attached to my Dell Dimension E521 that I have had for over 4 years and it is still ticking along nicely! Then there is my 17″ Intel Dual-Core laptop, Motorola Xoom, and Apple iPad with Bluetooth keyboard in front. Plus my iPhone 4 and Droid Bionic are sitting in front of the monitors. The logistics of some of this have changed since this photo was taken, but this is pretty close to what my desk looks like on most days.

How do you show off your inner geek at home? Do you build your own computer? Do you have 3 monitors? Adding any new hardware for Christmas? Share with Us!