With the rise of cellphones and smartphones that display the time, tell you when your next meeting is and even reminds you to pick up the kids, less people may wear watches. I still wear a watch, and I do still look to it first for the time. It’s just habit. I know quite a few people that stopped wearing them though. But I still feel naked if I leave the house without it. Although, I do cope since I can look to my phone for the time.

The watch that I wear right now was a Valentine’s Day gift. I wear it not only so I know what time it is, but also as a reminder. There is a story behind how I ended up with that particular watch as a gift. So every time I look at it I am reminded of roaming through the mall in Vegas last January. I saw that watch, I considered buying it, I drooled over it… but then decided not to. The next month on V-Day, I received it as a gift. 🙂 So, that watch is very special to me.

I had another watch that was very special to me. It was my late father’s 30 years of service watch from Motorola. It was stolen during a break-in at my old house. I never got it back, and it still hurts.

So now, instead of leaving the watch that is special to me home on the dresser, I wear it proudly every day.

Invicta watches wants to know: have you abandoned your watch? Why or why not? Do you have one that is special to you? Are you buying anyone a watch this Christmas?