I love a good mouse! They are a must. Even though I used a laptop 80% of the time I still use an external mouse. I have tried out quite a few and they just keep getting better and better. My new favorite is the Microsoft Touch Mouse.

The Microsoft Touch Mouse is unique in that it uses finger gestures that you glide across the body of the mouse to make things happen.

There are 7 gestures that work in Windows 7:
1. 360 scrolling
2. Forward/Back
3. Maximize/Minimize
4. Snap
5. Restore
6. Instant Viewer
7. Clear Desktop

This mouse also feels very solid. It is made of very durable plastic that almost makes you think that you are using a mouse made of metal. And it has weight, which I kind of like. There is a compartment on the bottom to keep the transceiver when not in use. But, generally you can just leave that in your computer. It is small enough that it does not get in the way even when putting your laptop in a bag.

I do admit that it took some getting used to to learn the gestures. And, it took a bit to learn what not to do. ­čÖé But, now I have it down and it makes working so much easier.


The Giveaway

One lucky winner will get their own Microsoft Touch Mouse. This is valued at $79.99.


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