Say what?? Oleophobic lenses is a fancy name for lenses that resist, well… just about everything. You can just call it Fingerprint Resistant Anti-Reflective Coating. Yes, that is a mouth full. Oleophobic lenses repel water, oil, dust, and fingerprints. And they even reduce reflections which can sometimes hinder vision.

This sounds awesome to me. I am constantly having to remove my glasses and clean them because I got a smudge, a finger print, or some dust on my lenses. It’s the worst when this happens while driving. And it’s a dangerous time to clean glasses!

Also, it is noted that these lenses make your glasses less noticeable in photographs. That is awesome. As a photographer I have often asked subjects to remove their glasses so they don’t just look like they have two light bulbs for eyes. 🙂

This also sounds perfect for kids. Both of my girls wear glasses and sometimes I wonder how they see out of them since they don’t clean them often. LOL!

I’ll certainly be checking out these lenses when it is time to reorder glasses. As you know, I am a Zenni fan. Their glasses are low cost and well made. I just get a copy of my prescription from my eye doctor, submit it on Zenni’s site and wait for my glasses to ship. It could not be any easier.