As a mother it is great to connect with other moms to exchange info, talk about the whoas of motherhood (yes.. there are some), get together for playdates, or even swap and sell baby items that we no longer need. The main problem with this is knowing who to trust. We all use the internet these days, and that is fine. But, when it comes time to meet in person for things like playdates or picking up an item, then security really comes in to question. We want to make sure that our family is safe, and that we are not inviting the wrong person to meet with us. is a new marketplace geared towards moms which makes this process better.

With Emma, the friendly marketplace, savvy mothers can easily create a private market- or meeting-place for playgroups, kids sports gatherings, fundraisers and more. Truly, it has never been easier to list and to search for nannies, instructors or to simply find kids services online. And, by leveraging the power of the social Facebook network, they can quickly spread the word about their listing.


Why should you check out Unlike other sites they take great pride in making sure that users are trusted. You can check out references, ratings, and may even chat with users before deciding to complete a transaction with them. Users are required to connect their Facebook account, so there is no hiding behind a phony username or alter-ego.



If you try today you may just win a nifty prize!!  Click the banner below, download the Emma mom app, post a listing, and you will be entered to win a $700 gift card.   It is easy to use, safe, secure, and you will find just what you need from playdates to playpens.