Sony Playstation has joined the ranks of some other companies and launched a mom blogger program designed to bring more awareness to the good versus bad benefits of gaming for families. I am a big advocate of the newer games. Games used to be bad, bad, bad. We sat on the couch for hours and ended up with sore wrists and tired eyes. But now games allow families to play more together and get up off the couch and get some exercise.

Back in November I had the awesome pleasure of heading out to Foster City, CA to visit the Sony Headquarters. The task at hand? A kick off meeting for the new Playstation Family group. We are a group of bloggers who love gaming, love hanging out with our kids, and love the fact that the PS3 allows us to spend more time with our kids and giggle in the process.

#PSFamily is made up of:

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We we able to talk with Sony staff like Jack Tretton, CEO who took the time to sit with us for a while and answer questions. He gave us some insight into what goes on behind the scenes when it comes time to create a new game, decide if a system is going to do well on the market, or decide when it is time to move on to a new system. For example, the PS3 just hit it’s 5th anniversary on November 17, 2011. It is still going strong. At that point there had been well over 56 million units sold. The system gains a lot of points because of some of it’s innovative technologies. It is still the only gaming system that allows you to play Blu-ray movies in true 1080p. As guess what? As long as you have a 3D tv, it is capable of playing 3d games and movies as well. And you do not have to play extra fees to access some content like other systems. The 160gb PS3 will run you around $250. This gets you a gaming system, Blu-ray player, streaming media player and more all in one. Click below to check it out on

We also got a peek at the new PSVita system which is being released on 2/22. This is an awesome gaming system that I can’t wait to play with more! It interfaces with your PS3 to expand your gaming. It even has 3G courtesy of AT&T.

We also got a behind the scenes look at some of the sound rooms and design centers. We learned a bit of what goes in to making sound affects for the games. Really cool stuff! It would make any music lover drool.

Stay tuned for more on some of the awesome games that my kids and I have been checking out for the PS3 as well as what else the Playstation Family will be up to in 2012. I know that I am looking forward to it. The gaming industry is constantly updating. It amazes me what all you can do. And there is always more being added.


Disclosure: I received a PS3, games and an awesome trip for my participation. No monetary compensation was received for this post. All opinions are my own.