I was an iPhone owner before it was cool to be an iPhone owner. I had one back before they were released to the public. And I thought nothing of it at the time. My job was lucky enough to get in the beta testing program, so I had an original iPhone back when they, well… sucked. 🙂 That was 2007. And I didn’t like it much. I had a Windows Mobile Phone at the time, and the iPhone could not do what the Windows Mobile Phone could do. Imagine that? LOL!

I kept it and it grew on me. Then of course they started updating the software and adding new features. Eventually the app store came along. Eventually we could purchase apps right on the phone. And eventually we could actually send an MMS message like all other phones out there without jumping through hoops. This is what caused me to jailbreak in the first place! The ability to send an MMS. But, even then it did not work right. You had to basically trick the system into thinking your iPhone was some other kind of phone. And if ATT caught you they would turn the feature off. LOL! Thinking back on all that now it was just silly! Anyway, I have owned every model of the iPhone except the 4s.

Well last month I had a major change which I will talk about later. But, I had to give up my iPhone 4 AND my iPad 1. When deciding what to switch to, I thought about it a lot. I decided to go with an Android phone for various reasons. And… to ease the pain of giving up my iPhone 4 and my iPad, I bought myself a shiny new iPad 2. Yes, I know there is a new one rumored to be out next year. So what? 🙂 I wanted to keep devices with both OS’s around for testing and reviews, etc. so I thought this was the way to go.

For my phone, based on features and budget and because I love to have a Mac Daddy phone, I went with the Samsung Galaxy S II Epic Touch (a mouthful) on Sprint with the unlimited everything plan. And boy do I love it! Review on that coming soon too. The screen… Love it! And of course I added some bling…

I am a bit surprised to say that I do not miss my iPhone at all. I am sure that having the iPad 2 helps. But, my S2 is getting the job done with all my usual fidgeting and clicking around that I do throughout the day when out and about and it just really rocks as a phone. There are many, many awesome features. And honestly? I think the Android OS has some real advantages of the iOS right now.

But, who knows what the future holds, I may end up with an iPhone again some day. 🙂