Along with all my other many fetishes I have one for watches. Nice big silver watches. Why only silver? I don’t really know. I stopped wearing gold several years ago and just never went back to it. I just find that silver-tone goes better with just about everything. However, I will wear one with gold accents. I love the look of a large blingy stainless steel watch.  My current favorite is one that was given to me as a gift last year on Valentine’s Day. And with V-Day right around the corner I was thinking about how I got it.

With cellphones being attached to most people’s hand every day all day some think that watches are taking a back seat. After all we don’t need them to tell time anymore. Or do we? I still look at my watch first when I want to know the time. The only exception is if I am somewhere dark. Since I don’t have one of those glow in the dark Seiko watches I can’t see my watch so then I will whip out my phone. And of course I wear a watch as a piece of jewelry, so it’s a fashion statement.

Do you have a watch that is special to you? How did you get it? Was it a gift from a loved one? An anniversary present? Or a gift from your kids? Even though I have other watches that I purchased myself I reach for the same one each day because it is special to me.