I have mentioned before that I have an addiction to really nice laptop bags. They need to be beautiful, functional, and roomy. I also love phone cases, laptop sleeves, and tablet cases and sleeves. And if it all matches that is even better!  But besides that it has to protect. After all, we pay a lot of money for our fancy devices, and putting something pretty around it means nothing if it will not protect it.

As part of the AMD Tech Moms program we were introduced to Nuo Tech. They are based in Austin, TX  along with AMD, and some other great tech companies. When roaming around the town it was cool to see their products showcased in a couple of the local stores. And back here in Chicago I also noticed someone else carrying the exact same Nuo Slim Laptop Brief that I received from them last year. So, you may not have heard of them yet, but they are out there. You may remember that during the 2010 summit we actually got to meet Chloe Dao, one of the designers and a former contestant on Project Runway. During our last summit we once again got to see some of the latest styles and hear what goes into making the bags. They are doing some really cool things with recycled materials.

I love the vibrant colors available. These materials are being used to make things like iPad cases and netbook sleeves, but the possibilities are endless.

I received this awesome tablet sleeve which fits my iPad or my Xoom.

Chloe Dao for Nuo rolling Laptop Brief

I have been toying with the idea of getting a rolling laptop case for at LEAST 5 years, but I just had not gotten around to it. I kept chickening out. There were many that I saw that looked good, but I wanted to try one out to know for sure that it would work for me. To test out while traveling I received an awesome rolling laptop bag. This pattern and model are newer in the line so I was lucky to receive a pre-production unit for testing. The Lotus Turquoise Blue-Black-White print is sooo pretty! And not only does it look good. It is very functional.

The unit can hold up to a 15.6″ laptop in a heavily padded pocket. It has 2 inner pockets that are the perfect size for a mouse or portable hard drives. There are pockets for cards, pens, a smartphone and more. And there is still plenty of room for books.

The case is also airport friendly. It opens up and folds flat so that you do not have to remove your laptop from the bag when going through airport security. Although depending on what you have in the other side it just might fall out when you do this. For this reason, the snaps might need to be reconfigured, or just a strap or something could be added to that side to hold the items inside. I would also like to see a thicker liner on the non-laptop side to protect other gadgets that might go over there, and to keep the handles from affecting what is inside.

I love that the handle raises nice and high which makes it very easy to pull behind me. It is extremely roomy and holds everything that I need. The only other thing that I would change about this bag is the addition of a removable shoulder strap for those times when you need to pick it up.


Chloe Dao for Nuo 15.6″ Laptop Satchel

Along with that, I received a matching 15.6″ laptop satchel. What I love most about it is the slot that allows it to slide down over the top of my luggage handle which makes it awesome for use as a carry-on. And this makes it very easy to move through the airport. Although both these bags are laptop cases they can be used together. I just use the satchel to hold other items besides a computer.

Check out NUO on Facebook and watch for coupons and special deals. And check out the Nuo website for the latest prices and sales. Tell them I sent you. 😉