As January comes to a close a lot of us are reflecting on how we are doing with our New Year Resolutions. Some of us (like me) may be getting a late start. January was a whirlwind of changes, emotions, and thoughts. I have spent a lot of time thinking, and a lot of time resting! It is amazing how when you actually have the time to relax you realize just how tired you really are.

I could probably have several lists of resolutions for different aspects of my life. But, which ones do I really want to stick to? Some items on my resolutions list are just items on my to do list. But, they still count. I still want to get them done. Some of them I kind of have to get done. In 2012 I want to…

Launch a successful business: Technically I already run a couple of businesses and I have been for some time. But now I need to consolidate some ideas, come up with a true plan and launch my parent company. By launch I mean stop lollygagging around with my websites. Not this one, but my business websites. I started them a while ago, but I have not gotten them to the point where I want to share with the world yet. Since I have the time now I need to just get it done. And once that is done I need to focus, promote, and do.

Be more organized: I am slowly working on this. And I am doing pretty good so far. I am proud of myself. Over the past month I have redecorated and organized my girl’s and my boy’s bedrooms. I have also done much better about laundry. I used to have an impossible time putting up clothes after washing. Now I do pretty good. I still have to tackle the mess that is my master bedroom closet! And just yesterday I started organizing my office after a trip to Ikea. It is needed soooo badly!! I need to have room. I need to be able to find stuff. I need everything to have a place. It is almost impossible to work in chaos.
Work out: This one is really hard. I have started though. I got a very late start, but I am working on it. My goal is to get rid of   this tummy!  Isn’t that what we all want? LOL. I think I would like to lose 8 lbs. Not an unrealistic goal. I give myself until July 1 to get in shape.
Procrastinate less: I used to do this way too much. I blame having so much to do and always being tired. I had a 9-5 job, businesses, kids, etc., etc. I would very often put off stuff that would take too long. When working I would not get home until around 6:30. I would feed the kids. By the time they got in bed some nights it is after 9 because of homework, etc. Then I had to do laundry, clean, get uniforms ready for the next day. Before you know it was 11 pm and I was exhausted. Some nights I would stay up and work. Other nights I just had to collapse. But, now that I have more time I can procrastinate less. I need to learn to just do. Do it when it’s fresh in my mind.
Blog more: This has been a real struggle this month. I have had so much going on that my plan to blog more starting this month has taken a complete turn and I actually ended up blogging much less. And I have noticed a dramatic change in my some of my blog stats. Not good! Must fix asap.
Work more, play less: Usually people have the opposite resolution right? But I need to focus more to work more. I need to pay less attention to the distractions. This means things around the house. Hopefully once I get more organized this will be easier. And MUST.STAY.OFF.Facebook. Facebook… Sigh. LOL!  Enough said.
What are you true resolutions? Now that January is coming to a close how do you feel about them? Are you keeping to them? Or have you given up already? Head on over to the Trop50 Facebook page and share a resolution. You can also enter to win $1000 even if you don’t share a resolution.
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