Earlier this month I went to Detroit for NAIAS (North American International Auto Show). This was my second year, although this year I was with GM. I have nothing but great things to say about GM and their social media efforts.  I could go on and on, but I won’t.

The most fascinating part of GM in Detroit for me was not about a car, but about the campus. Wow. We did not get to see much IN the actual GM corporate offices, but get this… the GM facility is actually connected to the Marriott. The GM Renaissance Center is HUGE. It is a big circular maze. You could walk miles in there and never see the same place twice, LOL! And the view is absolutely stunning. The building is situated right on the Detroit River. And guess what is across the river? Windsor, Canada! You can see it here on the map. “A” marks the GM center.

As the map shows, Canada is actually south of the United States! If I would have known I would be so close I would have taken my passport so that I could pop over just to say that I had been to Canada. I will next time. The view of the river and the casino across the way were magnificent at night. See Caesar’s palace? That is Canada!

Inside the Renaissance Center is everything you could possibly think of. It is a huge hotel, so it has all of the amenities. Rooms, a gym, Starbucks, a few restaurants, a CVS Pharmacy, a gift shop,  an entrance to the People Mover, and much more. When I first heard that we were going to take the People Mover I was like “The what??” That is Detroit’s cute little train that goes in a loop around the downtown area. It is an appropriate name indeed.

Everywhere you go in the building you know GM is there. There are cars on display in the hall which I found really cool. The bar inside the hotel is called the Volt Bar. Although the building is a lot of hard rock, it is very, very cool.

I’m told that ironically the facility used to be owned by Ford. And when GM first bought it Ford still owned the parking lot. LOL!

We were on the go a lot so I did not get to see as much of the place as I wanted. When I go back I want a full tour. There just seemed like so much to do and see and take photos of.