Have you ever wondered exactly what goes on inside your camera after you snap a photo? Or do you want to know the benefit of  having a faster memory card for your camera? Fast memory cards can save a lot of time. The photos save faster so you can move on to your next shot even faster. This is important to me.

Depending on your camera, you can get a memory card as fast as 1000x! Remember back when (well some of you might actually still do this), you have to snap a photo and watch the red light and wait…and wait… and wait… to snap another photo? You would not have that problem with a new high speed card.

Check out the below video by Lexar to get an inside look at what goes on under the hood of your camera. You will learn:

  • The journey an image takes from the processor to the buffer and finally to the memory card
  • How a faster memory card can benefit the photographer with an itchy trigger finger
  • How to speed up the process of moving images from a card to a computer

Check out the specs on your camera and then find a compatible high speed card to save yourself time and capture some great images! I am definitely going to check my own to see if I can benefit from a faster card.