Although we have been having extremely mild weather here in Chicago this winter some places are covered in snow. We usually are by this time of year. And we still have a ways to go according to Phil the Groundhog. 🙂 It is early February so we still have the potential to be covered in snow and freezing temps. And when it is cold outside I try to find plenty of useful things to do inside. Right now, as mentioned before, I am reorganizing my home office. One of the things that I keep coming across is photos, lots of photos. I always take a lot of photos, but they do not always make it off of my computer and onto any type of display. And this is pitiful! I am a photographer for goodness sakes. I make photo gifts for others all the time, but my own photos usually stay on my hard drive. So, I think that once I get this office to a happy state I am going to reward myself by putting some photos on the wall, and making a nice photo book.

With Valentine’s Day coming this is the PERFECT gift for your husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend. I actually made one last year and it was loved! Collect a bunch of pics of you and your sweetie from the past year. Then head on over to Mixbook and click on photo books. They do all of the hard work for you. The prices are very reasonable and range from $6.99 for a 6″ x 4″ book perfect for carrying around to $49.99 for a 12 x 12 book perfect for displaying on the coffee table. And now coupon code VDAY20 will get you 20% off which brings the prices down even lower. But act fast because that coupon expires tomorrow, February 5.  But, even if you miss the coupon the prices are still good.

And check this out… Mixbook has a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee – If you are unhappy with our product in any way, we’ll make it right and replace it for free! 

Now go and get those photos and get to work! 🙂