Are you the type of person that likes to plan out all meals for the week? I’m not, but maybe I should be. 🙂 There are many benefits to doing this. For one, it would certainly make grocery shopping easier. You would never have to think “Hmm… what will I make for dinner?”

And as the saying goes… “There’s an app for that.” The Meal Guru app can help you plan out meals and even provides suggestions for each day of the week. Once you choose a dish you are given everything that you need to get it done.  This includes preparation instructions, an ingredients list, and even nutritional information.


The app includes almost 300 recipes to browse. Each one has beautiful photos to drool over. And the photos are interactive. Ingredients included in the photos have a dot that you can click which gives you a random fact. For example, did you know that artichokes are the buds of a beautiful purple flower?

I love that each recipe has space for you to jot your own  notes. This is handy for modifications that you may decide to make to make each dish your own creation which I always do. 🙂

And by far the coolest thing to me is that you can customize the app to fit your dietary restrictions. For example, if you are a vegetarian, you can set that option. Or you can mix it up and choose a different meal type for each day of the week.  Each day you can choose meat, fish, or vegetarian. There is a list full of vegetables and you can choose which ones you want to include or not include in your menu. I’m sure my kids would deselect almost all of the vegetables. 🙂 The same with pasta and grains. These options for perfect for those that are just plain picky, or that have allergies in the home. And you can tailor the recipes for the number of servings up to 10 which is great if you have a large family.

There are even cookbooks that you can browse based on what you are looking for. There are cookbooks for basics, soups, kids, and fast meals. And, it includes the ability to create your own cookbook.


Check out the below video to see more that the app can do:

MealGuru from EMP Company BV on Vimeo.

For an app that is only $4.99 there are so many options. I am really impressed. I am planning to give it a try for a week and see how it goes. You can download the app direct from the iTunes App Store.