Vonage has been around for a long time. I used to use the service at home and only changed recently. I did not change because I was unhappy with the service. The service was outstanding. The calls were always crystal clear, and I love the wide range of features. As a matter of fact, I may just be going back to Vonage for my home phone service very soon.

And now Vonage is bringing that awesomeness to the iPhone and Android with the Vonage Mobile app. Vonage Mobile allows you to call and text other Vonage Mobile users for FREE. And guess what? You do not even have to be a Vonage Home subscriber to use the service.

Unlike other similar apps, Vonage Mobile works not only over Wi-Fi but also over 4G and 3G networks worldwide. This is very useful and means that you really can use the app anywhere without worrying about finding Wi-Fi first.

I just downloaded the Android calling app to try out. Now I just have to get some friends to download it and test with me. 🙂 Right now there is a trial period to give users a chance to try out the app. Calls to any phone in the US, Canada, and even Puerto Rico are free for a limited time.

Download the iPhone or Android app today and give it a try.


Disclosure: This post is part of a sponsored campaign with Vonage. All opinions are my own.