By now we have all heard of Spotify. Spotify is a music app that allows you to share your music with your Facebook friends, and even create playlist to showcase you favorite songs that kids can access. I signed  up a while ago, but I admit that I have not taken much time to play with it. There are so many music apps out there! Once you get used to using one it is hard to adjust to another. However, I hear that Spotify is the coolest, so I know that I will have to jump on and check it out soon.


As a huge fan of Spotify, I regularly listen to a wide range of artists during my day. However, with freedom of choice comes a certain degree of annoyance.

You see, I often found myself nursing a headache brought on from the stress and indecision over what song I should listen to. I’ve lost count of the number of times I have debated whether I should listen to The Smiths, Joy Division or Kate Bush? I never know.  That was until I discovered Top10’s new Spotify application.  It’s easily one of the best Spotify apps to hit the market in recent weeks.


Incredibly easy to use when browsing through playlists created by other users, great fun to play around with and no more indecision. In a nutshell, it basically allows you to share music and bring the excellent songs straight to the top of the recommendation list.

All you have to do is to quickly select some tunes based on a set criteria, then send it to a network or group of friends to vote on Facebook and then sign up to an amazing new playlist.

Recently, I created a list of the worst tunes ever made by an artist and shared them on Facebook with a group of friends. The answer unsurprisingly, was Tragedy by Steps. But then again, I could have told you that without making the list.

My next random list will be around the topic “top 10 Beatles songs.” The list included all my favourites from “yesterday” to “if I fell”.

Overall, Spotify’s latest new application means no more indecision when it comes to choosing songs.  It is very similar to making your own CD collection but one that is available at a click of a button. Perfect!


Written by Jo Padden from Top10. Jo lives in Hemmel and enjoys music and technology logistics.