I certainly love my gadgets to match. And in my last post about eBay I told you why I love finding accessories for my gadgets on the site. There is a huge selection, and they are reasonable. And, as you have probably noticed I have a pink obsession. This carries over into everything… pens, pencils, purses, t-shirts, and my gadgets. At any one time my gadgets are outfitted in pink and matching. Here is what I have (or want). As previously mentioned, I do like not spending a lot on accessories, so I am grabbing all of this from eBay!

iPad2 360°Rotating Magnetic Leather Case Smart Cover Swivel Stand – PINK

What I love about this case is the fact that it rotates so that I can use my iPad either vertical or horizontal. Plus, it’s snazzy!

I love the finish on this. I love that it is easy to remove the iPad 2 when I want to put it in my dock on my desk. And I love that the Apple logo *shines* through the back of the case. It also makes it easy to use my iPad with my Bluetooth keyboard.

The exact model shown here goes for about $30, but there are several variations and colors available here for a range of prices.


Pink Zebra Bling Cover Case For Samsung Galaxy S II Epic Touch 4G Sprint

I love my bling cases. I got this one soon after I got my Galaxy S II. Smartphones should be protected, so why not do it with major style? I have had a bling case for the last few phones that I have owned and I always get compliments on them. I have had pink, purple, and a mixture of both.

And the case does not have to be expensive to look good and last. I will say that some of these cases are notorious for shedding gems. But, the cost is low so I say keep a couple on hand for that reason. Although, the last one that I had for my Droid Bionic never lost a stone!

The case pictured here is only $6 + $3 shipping. You can find a bling case for just about every phone out there by searching on eBay.

New McKlein Glenview 9474 Italian Leather Ladies Luxury Laptop Case Tote (Pink)

I have been oogling a pink McKlein bag for a loooong time! In addition to the one pictured here I really want the pink leather rolling laptop case. Oh yes!

Why? Well… it is pink. I also love that blue though. And I have a serious bag fetish. Yes, I know I have plenty of bags. But I feel that you can never have too many. 😀 This bag is stylish, functional, and high quality.

Elsewhere this bag goes for $130 or so. On eBay? It is only $80 brand new. There are only a few listed right now so act fast. How can I resist?



For Cell Phone Tablet Red+Hot Pink+Purple Touch Screen LCD PDA Stylus

Tablet computers are hot. They are also very useful. You can do just about everything that you do on a computer with the right tablet and the right apps. But what if you want to do even more? Tablets are great for taking notes during meetings, recording audio during conferences, and keeping up on email, etc.

I just ordered a similar pack of styluses (or styli depending on who you ask) for use with my tablets. I want to use them to manipulate images in Photoshop Touch on my iPad as well as take notes, etc.

This 3-pack is only $6.99 with FREE shipping. They can be used with any tablet with a capacitive touch screen.


Pink Crystal Rhinestone DJ Headphones Headset Earphones

Because you have to listen to your music in style! I got these local. Actually I did not get them. My honey spotted them on a coworkers desk. He sent me a pic to which I replied “Um.. I must have them.” He spent an hour or more driving around after work to three different stores that she said had them until he found them. Now that is love. So, when he gets on my nerves I think about this. 😀 LOL!!

Anyway, these look good, and sound good!

This pair is $39.99 But there are many variations and styles that you can check out here.


Have you found any gems on eBay that you want to share?


Disclosure: This post is part of my involvement in the eBay Parent Panel Ambassador program. All opinions are my own.