As I always say, you can never have enough storage. Backing up your data is very, very important. And if you are like me and you travel quite a bit, it is nice to be able to take your data with you without much hassle. I have lost photos before and it really hurt. I try to make sure that does not happen know.  I use a combination of local and online backup services to keep everything where I need it.

The Hitachi Touro comes with both. You can get a huge 750gb portable drive. No huge on the size of the of drive like older ones were, but huge on storage space. This is larger than most laptop hard drives, so there is plenty of space to back your entire laptop and more. In addition you can sign up for 3GB FREE online backup space with Hitachi Backup. This means you get double protection for your most important documents or photos.

TOURO Highlights:

  • Sleek mobile design
  • Local and cloud backup, providing two levels of protection
  • Remote access to cloud backup with smart phone or computer browser
  • Fastest read and write speeds with Fast USB 3.0 and Fast 7200RPMs
  • Free 3GB cloud backup; Upgrade to paid account and receive 250GB of cloud storage along with iPad and iPhone mobile digital device apps

With Hitachi Online Backup you can pick and choose which files or folders get backed up. By default it backs up the c:\Users\(Your Username)\ folder. This means that everything in your documents, photos, videos, and your desktop are covered. But, if you are like me you might have more than 3gb combined in those places. In this case you will want to remove that default folder and choose what you really want backed up. One REALLY cool feature is that you can set the number of revisions that you want it to keep. So, if you accidentally delete the version of the document that you want, but you know it was there 5 days ago, you should be able to log in and recover it from that date. How cool is that?

You also have the ability to let it handle the backup in two ways: #1 Automatic: It will back up when it detects change. Or #2: You set a time for it to backup daily. I like the automatic option myself.

It is a great drive with great options.  The 750gb size is plenty of space for backing up your documents, photos, videos, and more. You can even opt to backup your entire hard drive. And the 3gb of cloud storage gives extra protection for your most important files.

The Hitachi Touro Mobile Pro can be purchased starting at around $109.


Disclosure: The Hitachi Touro drive was provided to me for review. All opinions are my own.