Save Money on Inkjet Printing with a CISS Printer

I have not been as active in my photography business as I used to, but there used to be a time when I used up a lot of ink each week. Ordering ink cartridges online or running back and forth to the local office supply store can be very expensive. Ink cartridges average $12 – $16 per cartridge. And quite a few printers now use 4 – 5 cartridges at once. That could $80 for one cartridge set depending on your printer type.

Years ago I tried installing my own CISS in my printer. What exactly is a CISS? A Continuous Ink Supply System is designed to allow you to keep more ink on hand at one time. Instead of purchasing small cartridges every couple of weeks your printer is equipped with larger tanks that sit outside and allow you to easily refill the ink.

I purchased the one that I tried from eBay. And I think that I paid $90 just for that unit. I’ll just say that did not work out too well. It was messy, messy, messy! And it was not so easy to install myself.  But if I had the chance to purchase a printer with a preinstalled CISS unit that I knew would work well I would certainly go for it. has some of the most popular printers shipping with the CISS configured and ready to go. They offer Epson, Canon, and HP. One printer that I had my eye on is only $136 and that includes the CISS.


If you use a lot of ink in your printing tasks and think that a CISS unit might help you, take a look at

  • Blaire Nadal

    I definitely recommend CISS. It works for me and might work for others too. Savings and environmental tips about printer cartridges are always fun and informative to read.

  • A CISS printer is an excellent way to get those really detailed prints while saving a bit of money – I’d definitely recommend it if you’re printing family photos on a regular basis.