I have a rule when it comes to buying gadgets. I do not shop local unless there is a sale. Ok, maybe I have more than one rule. I also shop around. A LOT! I will check prices on several websites before I decide to purchase. This goes double if it is a high ticket item. AND once I have found something on sale, I check around to see if I can get a coupon code to save even more on my purchase. I have gotten great deals on computers, accessories and more this way. I cannot remember the last time I paid full price. Even when I purchased my iPad 2 I got it at a $50 discount.

As you know, I recently participated in the Verizon Wireless Midwest Moms Program. At this time I was lucky enough to test out a Motorola Xoom, which I still use, and a Motorola Droid Bionic smartphone. During and after the program many people asked me about the prices of the devices and plans. Well guess what? You can get Verizon Wireless discount codes to save $50 or more on a 4g LTE device purchase. The one that caught my eye is for a Droid Bionic, which is the phone I used, for $79.99. That is a great deal. It was going for $199 when I was in the program.

If a fancy Verizon Wireless smartphone is not your flavor, you can also look for Straight Talk coupon codes. They also have several cell phone deals worth checking out such as the LG 900G Qwerty for only $49.99.

I also learned about a store that I had not yet heard of, Most Buying. Funny name? Yes.  But it looks like they have some good deals. With the Most Buying code you can get a great deal on smartphone and tablet accessories like chargers, cases, and sync cables. I wish I knew about that site before. I see a few things there that I could have purchased to save a few dollars.

So after you purchase your new smartphone you can get your accessories at a great discount too! I never buy accessories from the carrier stores. They are way too pricey.

Coupon Code 4U’s slogan is “the 1st stop before you shop” and I can see why. I am bookmarking that one to include in the rounds when I go hunting for good coupons.