Yesterday we all stood by and watched, listened, or read about the announcement of the new iPad. Some of us even hopped online and pre-ordered (if we could get it to work). For others, that purchase might be a little too rich for our blood right now.

There are some PC manufacturers that make technology priced to be reasonable. The below guest post talks about a couple of those.


Rarely a day goes by without a new gadget being launched amid fanfare and aggressive marketing campaigns designed to encourage you to part with your cash. These fashion-accessory smartphones, tablets, PCs, laptops and netbooks will transform your life, and you’ll be left behind in the web stakes if you don’t have the very latest in slick expensive technology, won’t you?

The idea of living without computers is almost impossible. We watch television on them, do our internet shopping, connect with friends across the globe on Skype, play games, pay bills and for some people, their personal PC is literally their office.  But do you really need the video editing capacity on your fancy new gizmo? Will you even notice the improved quality of Blu-Ray on your laptop screen? People are becoming increasingly disillusioned by the buzz surrounding the launch of new products, and here Samsung’s witty advert pokes fun at the cult status of some of the trendiest new products on the market.

But with such a bamboozling array of gadgets available to buy, at a huge range of prices, and with many families on tight budgets, it can be difficult to choose which option will best suit the average computer and entertainment enthusiast.


Some tips to getting the most out of your home technology

If it is a cheap computer for your teenage gaming geek or a laptop to allow you to do the weekly shop online from the comfort of your sofa, ensure you have a clear idea of what you need the technology to do to ensure you pick the best performing PC for you.

Zoostorm: Specialists like Zoostorm computers break down their computers into easy to decipher options. They boast economy, value, advanced entertainment and gaming ranges aimed at helping you get the most for your money as well as tailored to your specific needs.

Zoostorm offer great all-rounder options, with PCs ideal for word processing, homework, research, watching films and that all-important social networking. This makes Zoostorm a good budget option for the family home.

Compaq: Another cost-effective option are laptops and desktops by Compaq, part of HP. Their computers are great for streaming and heavy use which is, let’s be honest, often the preserve of the teenager, and is also great for music, photos and films.

Acer With a range of affordable lightweight laptops and netbooks, Acer is a great choice for those in need of a mobile computer for work or homework.

Whatever you choose, just remember to make sure you know exactly what you need the technology to do, who is mainly going to be using it, then set a budget and stick to it.