When I was at NAIAS in Detroit in January, I hung out with GM. We checked out all of the new cars. Yes, I love my shiny cars! I also love learning about the technology that goes into making these cars our 2nd homes. From the stereo, to the CD player, tech in cars have come a long, long way. We now have options that at one time would have only been imagined in the movies: DVD players, MP3 players, voice-controlled navigation and audio, parking assistance, and much, much more.

And I love looking at the new stuff, especially the concept cars. Look at this Chevy Miray. Oh yeah!!! I decided this will be my midlife crisis car. 🙂


While in Detroit I was asked to participate in an interview for the Faces of GM. Basically I had to tell a story about my connection to a GM car or anything related. 🙂

You can see the full post and video on the GM blog here. The video is embedded below. BTW… I really hate the thumbnail that Youtube is using. 😀

You can also check out the full set of photos on Flickr.