As the days drew closer and closer leading up to the new iPad announcement this past Wednesday many people who knew that they would want to upgrade started to sell their iPad 1s and iPad 2s. Others like me held on until after the announcement because although the rumors are sometimes very close, I will not make a decision about upgrading until I hear the new specs straight from the mouth of Apple!

If you waited and are trying to decide, maybe I can help. Did you know that depending on your iPad version you can get up to $460 via eBay Instant Sale? This is perfect if you do not want to wait for an auction to complete before getting your hands on the money.

And the process could not be easier. You can have your iPad sold in under 3 minutes. All it takes is a few clicks. After that all you do is send in your device and wait for your money.

Step 1: Head over to the eBay Instant Sale website and enter iPad 2 as your item name and click Search. Choose the one that matches what you have. In my case that is the first one, Apple iPad 2 Wi-Fi.

Step 2: Enter details about your iPad. I have a 16gb iPad 2. It is fully functional. I do have the power adapter, and it is working.

Step 3: Click on “Calculate my offer” and see how much you would get. So, I would get $290 for my current iPad. That is not too bad. The value of tech does not hang on like it used to. But, Apple products do hold their value a bit better than others.

Once you see what they are willing to give you can either accept the offer, or choose to list the item on eBay yourself which might just net a few more dollars.

Of course some will be weary of this process. I mean, who wants to send off their shiny iPad in a box? Well, eBay understands this. They are a well known, reputable company. Even so they also understand that customers want a guarantee. Here is theirs (from the FAQ):

3. I don’t feel comfortable sending out my device before I get paid. How can I be sure that I’ll get my money?

You should not feel any risk sending in your device. Shipping is paid for and insured (up to $500) with tracking so you can check where your device is every step of the way. You will get an email as soon as your device is received and once the condition is confirmed, you will receive payment by PayPal within five (5) business days.

That sounds good to me.

Of course your old iPad is not the only thing that you can sell on eBay Instant Sale. They accept a wide range of electronics. Head on over to the eBay Instant Sale site today and see how much you can make.

Disclosure: This post is part of my involvement in the eBay Parent Panel Ambassador program. All opinions are my own.