The weather in the US has been very wacky as of late. Here in Chicago it has been 75 – 80 for the past few days. The warm weather is inspiring me to get some stuff done around my house. For me, not only does this mean painting walls, cleaning out closets,  and tackling the stacks of stuff in my basement, it also means upgrading some items. When I upgrade, I sometimes gift my old stuff to friends if it is worth it. But sometimes I realize that they might do better buying new. That way they are covered by warranty, etc.

I’ve been thinking about changes and upgrades in the office, master bedroom and the kitchen. I’ve been slowly working on the office. I have cleaned out a LOT. I still have a ways to go though. Then, I need to make sure that all my tech is up to par with what I need now.  I was checking out the HP 6000 computer with a friend. Yeah, pricey unit, eh? Everyone does not need that much machine. It is nice though. And it would certainly get the job done. LOL!

In the kitchen, I have always wanted a range hood. Currently I have a microwave above my cooktop, so it is not possible, but I have my eyes on a Koen range hood. When I can upgrade I am getting one of those!

In my Master bedroom I desperately need a new television. I have an LCD in there. But, I do believe it is one of the first. It is heavier than some tube TVs!! The HDMI ports stopped working like 3 years ago and it has ghost images on the TV. Ugh. And for what we paid for it then, we could have 2 really, really nice new LCD TVs like the Samsung LN46d503.

I realize that I cannot do everything at once, so I am taking the one room at a time approach. Hmm… what to do next?!?