So this past weekend I posted my 100oth post on this blog. Congrats to me!!! I am actually surprised that is not more. I mean I am constantly behind, so it could easily be 2000 by now if I was all caught up. LOL!! And actually quite a while ago I cleaned up my blog and deleted some old ridiculous posts, so it was more.

This goes back to November 2005 when I was mostly posting about what it was like being pregnant with twins which migrated over from another blog that I had at the time. Now, has actually existed since May 2002, but at that time there was no WordPress. That did not come along until┬áMay 27, 2003. I cannot remember the date, but I started using it at WordPress 2.0. So, there are no posts before that so to speak. ­čÖé

I’ll wait until the 10 year anniversary of this domain which is coming up this year to show all the wonderful designs (NOT!) I have gone through. LOL!