UPDATE; I stuck with DirecTV for about a year or so, but when my trial price was up and they started to raise prices I decided that the storm outages and strange navigation was not worth it. I went back to Comcast! And that’s where I’m staying. 🙂


Yep. That’s right. About a month ago I finally got sick of the uber-expensive cable bill and switched. Actually, I had ordered DirecTV like a year ago, but then I chickened out and and canceled the order. This time, I let it go through. Now, get it straight… I NEVER had a significant problem with with my Comcast service. I have been a customer since 1998. I have been with them through all of the issues and name changes, but I love the service. The only reason that I switched was the bill. I have been looking for ways to save money on my bills lately, and that was the obvious choice.

Oh… I am still with Comcast for internet. I cannot let that go. The service is just too fast. So, I will still get a bill for that + my 4G MiFi, but the bill is SO much better.

My last Comcast bill with the cable TV, internet, and my Mi-Fi was about $186. Comcast gave me a deal on the internet service when I called, so by switching to DirecTV I will save well over $60 per month. That makes me happy.

Like I mentioned, I was pretty nervous about switching. It used to be that satellite TV had a bad rep because the service would cut out during storms and high winds. I did some checking around first and the consensus seems to be that is not a problem anymore. And in addition, it turns out that DirecTV actually has some advantages over Comcast. I’m still learning all of the cool tricks. I opted for the whole house DVR, so even though I only have one DVR box I can watch the content in other room. And along with that service I love that I can view what is on my DVR from my computer. This is helpful to me since I spend a lot of time in my office during the day. Now I can catch up on my shows on my desktop. To make it work I only had to install the DirecTV2PC app.

Also, in my girl’s room I was able to customize the parental controls so that they can only watch at certain times, and setup a list that shows them only their favorite channels.

Also, although the Comcast iPad app was useful and cool, the DirecTV one now does even more. With DirecTV Everywhere not only can I watch movies available on OnDemand, I can also stream Live TV from several channels including premium channels.

One improvement I would love to see in both the TV listings and iPad app is the ability to filter to view only FREE content.  I know it is out there, but it is not too easy to find. Everything else in the app is awesome. It can even show you what is currently being viewed on all TVs, so if you wonder why your kids are watching, you can easily check it out. And of course you can set up recordings and edit your existing DVR schedule right in the app.

As previously mentioned, I am still playing. But, if I discover anything else super cool I will be sure to share it.