With tax time 2012 upon us it is more important than ever to protect ourselves against identity theft. Over the next month or so you are going to hear a  lot from me about protecting yourself online. Reputation.com is one service that specializes in protecting us and educating us about protecting our online data.

With social media we put enough of our own information out there without needing information that we do not want people to know being exposed. With the reputation scanner on Reputation.com you can find out exactly what is out there about you. You can also find out how about removing personal information from the internet. At least twice a year there is an uproar when people discover the online directories like Intelius which can give up information like your name, address, past addresses, and even relatives. Of course seeing all that info online and knowing that you did not put it there can make you very nervous.

And what are the dangers of having this info online? Shady characters as I like to call them can use your private information to steal your identity, stalk you and your family, hack your credit, and more. Yes, it is a scary thought. But, you can protect yourself.

Check out Reputation.com to see how. There are monthly plans available so that you can continually monitor and protect your reputation. You can get coverage for as little as 50 cent per day.