You protect your computer why not your smart phone?

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You have Norton Antivirus for your laptop. You ensure to back up all of your data on your computer using an external hard drive. So why the heck wouldnít you protect your iPhone, Android phone, or make sure the wireless internet network you were surfing on wasnít compromisedóespecially when many people use their phone for texting sensitive information and maybe even for banking?

Most of us would be lost if our smart phone was stolen or misplaced, especially if you had recently done banking or exchanged personal information or photos with a friend via text. Suddenly, the person who stole your phone has access to your photos, personal information, and your social networking profiles (like Facebook or Twitter). And if you surf the web willy-nilly on a smart phone with no antivirus protection, you can become the victim of a malicious download or text message.

Thankfully the folks who engineer smart phones also offer protection in the form of antivirus software, security sweeps, and security clouds for your most personal informationÖ

1. Norton Security and Antivirus (Free – for Android)

Norton Security and Antivirus is for computers and laptops that hold a lot of valuable information that you donít want to lose. So a smart phone filled with private text messages, emails, and banking and credit card numbers should be equally worthy of the mobile app. Download the Norton app and never worry about having your identity stolen again. If your phone should get stolen, you can remotely lock and wipe the device by text message, so that whoever finds it can’t go on a spending spree thanks to that credit card information you texted to your wife last week. The Norton apps also allows users to block calls and text messages, and scans any phone for malware. You are in good hands with Norton.

2. Snap ($1.99 – for iPhone)

Snap is a great app for mobile internet users on the go! Launching the Snap app will sweep all nearby devices, hotspots, and Wi-Fi for open, usable ports. It will also let you know which ones are secure to use and how many other users are on each network so you donít choose the slow one.

3. AntivirusPro ($10.00 – for Android)

Another really great computer security app to keep your favorite extra appendage malware-free, AntivirusPro scans everything on your smart phoneóincluding your apps, settings, media, and phone contents for malicious files. So it will sweep that text message from that guy you donít know with the shady-looking link attached and probably tell you not to open it. Run AntivirusPro every time you think your phoneís security has been compromised.

4. Splash ID ($9.99 – for iPhone)

If youíre like me, you donít trust using the same user name and password for every bank account, social networking profile, shopping site, or email account. However, once you build up quite the collection, you can forget one password and user name from the next. Since itís not secure to keep a written list that anyone could get their hands on, Splash ID is there to protect your most sensitive data in case you should forget or lose it via a 256-bit Blowfish Encryption.

5. iPortScan PRO ($1.99 – for iPhone)

The ideal app for system admins and security professionals, iPortScan Pro quickly scans all of systems to ensure everything is closed and secure. This app features a multi-thread port scanner (for any network, even 3G) and emails all port scan results back to the user.


Jane Johnson is a writer for GoingCellular, a popular site that provides cell phone related news, commentary, reviews on popular providers like T-Mobile.