Thank you to Members Unite for sponsoring this post and sparking a creative discussion with children about the importance of giving. Visit for a simple, interactive, fun way to fund amazing projects every single month! 100% of your monthly contribution goes to the winning projects. I was selected for this opportunity by Clever Girls Collective.


My girls are 8 years old. They are very, very aware of what is going on in the world. They are always interested when I watch the news. Plus they learn quite a bit in school about how things are overseas, in poverty stricken nations, and about disaster recovery. Recently my daughter Alexis asked me specific questions about Haiti. They learned about the earthquake that happened in 2010 and wanted to know if the people there were recovered and if they had rebuilt. We talked about it a bit, and I told them that my friend, Leticia, had just visited Haiti and that she went to help the people, take them supplies, and teach them. They were very interested and wanted to know what we could do to help.

I told them that we would look into it. I also told them that there are many other causes that we could likely help with. When we had the chance to look at the Members Unite website, they were very curious about how things work and where the money goes when it is sent to help the people. On this site, it was very easy to break it down for them. Things happen by members rating which projects will be funded. The first 6 with the highest rating move on to week 2, etc. And, it is all explained very well. For example, the Members Unite site clearly lays out the terms of what each project will help. For the Empower Women in Afghanistan project it states “If this project wins, we will be able to help teach 3,000 Afghan women and children to read.”  Being 8 years old and knowing how to read themselves it is sometimes hard for them to imagine that there are some grown-ups in the world that were not privileged enough to learn how to read as children.  But, my girls are actually a bit more advanced than most when it comes to grasping these types of concepts. I often call them 8 going on 35. 🙂 We talked about it a bit and they decided that was an excellent cause.

I am SO glad that I am blessed with kids with such caring spirits. In recent weeks not only have we talked about the Members Unite campaigns, but they have packed up toys and clothes that they no longer need for donation. I just hope that this lives on in them for a long, long time. Already, their little brothers who are 5 are gaining some of the same characteristics.

We certainly think that is a great site with great intentions. You think so too? You can sign up for Members Unite starting at just $5 per month to help fund the projects. 100% of your monthly dues goes towards funding. If you sign up, please leave a comment here letting me know.