Samsung Rugby Smart Smartphone Giveaway from AT&T!

You just read my review of the Samsung Rugby Smart (and maybe watched the video). :) Did you think to yourself “Wow, that is a phone that I need!”? Is your phone outdated? Has it been damaged? Do some functions not work? Is anything taped together? Or do you just like shiny new toys? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need to enter to win this awesome phone!


The Giveaway

AT&T and I would like for you to tell us your own cell phone horror story. Did it get dunked in water? Did you roll over it? Or (true story – not me!!) did you store it in your cleavage and destroy it with sweat! LOL!!!! Yes, this happened to more than one person that I know!

How to Win

We will keep this simple. Leave me a comment below telling me your smartphone horror story.

The winner will be chosen on Monday, April 23rd, after 5 pm CST.

Good luck!

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12 Responses to Samsung Rugby Smart Smartphone Giveaway from AT&T!

  1. I posted my comment but saw it was missing. I thought I would rewrite it.

    When I was on vacation last month I held onto my glasses and my Android phone. As the rollercoaster went upside down, my glasses slipped out of my hand. To catch my glasses I let go of my phone. It was difficult spending the rest of my vacation without a phone, but in would have been worse if I did not have my glasses. Now I have the displeasure of using a 2006 Kitana. This phone is driving me CRAZY!

  2. I went on vacation and went on a Rollercoaster. I had my glasses in one hand my phone in the other. When the car went upside down my glasses came out of my hand and to grab the glasses I dropped my cellphone. As much as I hated losing my phone it would have been much worse to spend the rest of my vacation unable to see clearly. However, the lack of GPS for the remainder of my vacation was difficult but I didn’t let that steal my joy.

  3. My biggest horror story was this weekend- my husband lef his phone outside and someone picked it up off of the truck bumper. They proceeded to keep using it until today- and thank goodness he had an unk=limited plan.Previously being a carpenter phones have slid off roofs, landed in drywall compound you name it, it has happened!

  4. My horror story would involve my 5 year old son, a smartphone, and a Slip N’ Slide. We were trying to get him used to the idea of such a toy. We bought him the Buzz Lightyear edition.

    I was using my phone as a “communicator” of sorts, acting as Star Command. THis lasted a few minutes until I turned away for a half minute. The next thing I heard was “I’m Star Command now”. I then saw my phone skimming down the Slip N’ Slide into a small pool of water at the end.

    To infinity and sploosh….

  5. I own three of the most mischievous dogs in the universe. The youngest one has a passion for taking things outside with her when it's time to go potty. We always know she has to go because she will run over to the toy basket and grab a "baby" to take it outside. We normally shake her down at the door before we open it. I had fallen asleep on the couch the night before, cell phone on the coffee table. I woke up to three dogs barking to go outside. As I stumbled to the door, I was too tired to even open my eyes and just opened the back door, not noticing the little one had something in her mouth. You guessed it, it was my cell phone. I screamed and she dropped it…right into a mud puddle in the backyard. I picked it out, but the water didn't kill it…the teeth marks she put into it before I woke up did that. Of course it wasn't time for a new phone on my plan, so I'm using the cheapest phone they sell; I'd love a Rugby.
    shel704 at aol dot com.

  6. Our phone had a close encounter with lunch leftovers in a backpack! A greasy, grimy mess, and it refused to work after that!

  7. I’ve actually been without a cell phone for a couple of years now. As a stay-at-home mom, I didn’t think I needed the added expense, since the landline in reach majority of the time.

    This year my youngest started preschool, and I went back to college in the Spring. My horror is more “life without a phone.” I’ve had individuals call me AFTER I’ve left the house to say they’ve changed our plans and our meeting was off. Of course I wouldn’t know that, since I’m on the road without a phone. I find out when they don’t show, and I call to find out where they are or I get there, and they say let’s reschedule.

    Honestly, I don’t get people these days. What happened to showing up as planned or giving significant notice before changing plans? *sigh* It seems cell phones have changed the rules of common courtesy. I guess I have to get with the program or continue to waste money on gas due to the changing times.

  8. My first cell phone fell out of my shirt pocket into the toilet. My second fell into a puddle. My third overheated in the desert. $1200 later, I need the Rugby Smart.

  9. My husband is SO hard on phones! He has a tendency to drop them in his cup of iced tea. He's gone through at least 3 that way…

  10. I have destroyed so many phones. I have ran over them, dropped them in mud puddles, in tea, in milk. I have even had them taken apart by a little brother, never to fit together again. Now, I have a toddler who is obsessed with phones. I don't even want to think about what he will manage to do to my phone.

  11. Where to begin, My husband and I have the worst phones ever, sanyo zio. We can’t even call each other from the other end of the house. We spitefully joke that our phones are haunted, because they actually will make calls without us even touching them. They freeze in the middle of calls, while surfing the web , from our own WI-fi, and constantly drop calls. What i Love the most is, if you actually want to make a call and are successful, then you decide to end the call, you can’t just press end, you have to hit it repeatedly until you see that the call has ended. Or you end up leaving a 20 minute message, saying something you would never want that person to actually hear, so i could really use the upgrade.

  12. My phone fell from the sink in my bathroom and crashed into the tiles below. Little pieces everywhere. The bottom half of my volume button broke off so I can only turn my volume up – never down.

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