Now that I am running my own full-time business exclusively I have to start thinking about promoting, generating leads, and getting business. Right now I am still in the organization and discover stage. I am looking for ways to cut back distractions, streamline my workflow, and of course… get more clients. I recently started using an invoicing system which is already helping quite a bit. And I am looking into client management.

Every small business owner should have a foolproof system for keeping track of clients, jobs, quotes, and invoices. And, if you have the type of business in which you need to find your own clients, you might just need a CRM (Client Management System). is a web-based CRM that helps you keep track of it all. Features include:

  • Autoresponder
  • Email Marketing Software
  • Client Database
  • Online Contact Management
  • Web Based CRM Software
  • Easy Audio Generator
  • Deal Tracking & Sales Tracking Software
  • Sales Funnel & Sales Pipeline System
  • Client Management System
  • Lead Capture & Squeeze Page System
  • Drip Marketing & Email Marketing Campaign

The one that sticks out for me the most is the Client Management. Right now I am guilty of using my email as a filing cabinet. Sure, I have a contacts feature there, but I very rarely add business contacts and leads to it. I just search my email for keywords when I want to find someone. It would be awesome to have all of that organized.

I may just try out the 2 week free trial. There is no credit card required to try it out. And at only $19/month is is a good investment in any small business. Check out to get started.