As I sit and watch Twitter, meet brands and interact with them both online and in person I have developed my own favorite list of companies that get social media. There are those out there that realize that if they are not involved in social media, they are missing the party boat. Social Media is not a fad. It is not going anywhere any time soon. It is here to stay.

If your business has not embraced social media yet, you should get moving. Sites like Twitter and Facebook have quickly become valuable tools which help businesses connect with their customers and potential customers. One tweet can spread far. One interesting Facebook question can engage fans and start a great discussion. Add to that that power of blogging and you have a winning combination. The key, of course… is to do it right. If you do decide to embark on using social media for your company, remember a few things.

1. Pay attention to your customers and fans. Remember to answer questions in a timely manner. Companies that do this on Twitter get high praise.

2. Do more than just advertise. Engage your followers in conversation.

3. Do not mix business and pleasure. If you are a big business be very careful about what you tweet. Try not to mix the two if it does not match.

4. Incorporate some campaigns beyond Twitter and Facebook for more reach.

5. And this one is the most important… if any of the above is foreign to you, or you just do not have the time or skills, you can partner with an awesome social media marketing company or social media consultant to help you build the right campaign, and find the right social media influencers to help you build buzz.

Do a little of the above and you will be guaranteed to connect with some great people, make some valuable contacts, and most importantly… get more business.