I dreamed of trying out a Sleep Number bed for a long time. I never thought that I would actually have one. When I was contacted by Sleep Number to review a m7 bed with Memory Foam I swear I almost turned a cartwheel. I was setup about a month ago and I have never slept better! This bed has definitely made a huge difference. Not only does the bed feel great, the technology behind it is pretty interesting. It was very fascinating watching them put it together.


After answering a series of questions about my current bed setup, like whether or not I needed a stand, etc. my appointment was arranged. It was installed about a month ago and I have never slept so good!

My current mattress was about 14 years old. While it was still in good shape, it was nowhere near as comfy as in the past. I would wake up each day with a backache. And my honey would complain about the mattress being too soft, and that he had no back support. Blah, blah, blah. LOL! There was usually a huge barrier of pillows between us so I might as well had been sleeping alone.

I would usually claim that it was just him. I refused to blame my mattress for my own backache thinking it was my sitting in my chair wrong at my desk, or doing too much work around the house. But now I know differently.

Knowing that the bed was coming I thought “Hmm… I have not cleaned under my bed in a while.” So, we moved the mattresses, took everything out of there (and there was some really old stuff) and vacuumed. We also tightened up all of the screws in the platform to make sure that it was ready for the new setup.

Watching the setup process was very interesting. You hear “bed” and you think solid mattress with all the stuffing inside, etc. Well, the Sleep Number is nothing like that. I call it “The Science of the Sleep Number”. The bed is actually several pieces that go together to create one super comfy bed.

The features of the Sleep Number m7 system include:

  • Cools, contours and adjusts to both of you.
  • Exclusive SLEEP NUMBER® DualAir™ technology lets you adjust firmness on each side of the mattress for your ideal level of comfort
  • 3-inches of CoolFit™ foam with gel technology for a cool, soothing sleeping surface
  • Naturally contouring and more breathable compared to the leading memory foam brand
  • 12-inch bed with modern styling and soft knit fabric

After checking out my setup, the installers got started by setting up the modular base. The base is made up of several pieces of a strong black material. Once it comes together it provides a flat surface for the mattress to rest on. It is covered up in a white coverlet that gives it the look of regular bedding. While chatting with the guys doing the setup I asked about using the existing box spring (just curious) and was told that older box springs made up of the wood slats would not work. The Sleep Number has to rest on a nice flat surface. After seeing them put it together I understood why. Unlike a regular mattress the bottom is quite soft and parts would likely sink between the slats of a box spring. The photo below is what the base looks like, though on my own bed I do not have legs since I have a huge platform bed.

The next step was to inflate both halves of the air mattress which make up the “sleep number” portion of the bed. Yes, air mattresses… who knew? When you think about it, it makes perfect sense. Being able to control the amount of air in the mattress is what controls the firmness of the bed. The mattresses were laid out in my hall, and plugged in to inflate.


The super fast pump had both inflated in no time.

After that the installers built the housing, or side walls that hold the air mattresses and popped them into place. As you can see one of my installers was very happy with his work. LOL!

That part gets covered up and then the lovely, and very comfy, cooling memory foam layer is unrolled and added to the top. Ahhh!!!


Once it is all assembled and covered up it looks pretty much like your standard bed with a mattress pad in place. Someone else looking at it would have no idea about all the goodies hiding under that cover. 🙂


Since the Sleep Number m7 includes dual chamber control, the pump is attached to each air mattress via a hose and plugged in. This system allows each user to control their side. The beauty of this is that since each person can control their own Sleep Number there is no arguing about the firmness of the bed.

The firmness of each side is controlled by the remote. The range goes from 20 – 100, with 20 being the softest and 100 being the most firm. After playing around I decided on a 30, while T decided on a 60. Quite a difference huh? Bottom line is that we are both happy. The remote also has a quick fill function which is useful for filling up the bed quickly so it looks good while made up. And there is a memory function so just in case the little ones change your number you can quickly change it back. Feeling different one day? NO problem… you can change your sleep number at any time. This is useful for pregnant women who might want to sleep a little firmer. When I was pregnant I slept on the couch a lot because the bed was not comfy.


Since getting the Sleep Number m7 Memory Foam bed, my back does not hurt anymore and I wake up feeling refreshed instead of sore and groggy. I am now a firm believer (no pun intended). 🙂 The m7 system can currently be purchased for $3199.98.


Disclosure: This Sleep Number bed system was provided to me in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own.