As you know I am all about apps. Since the invention of smartphones I often wonder how in the heck I knew where I was supposed to be, and when. But then again… I was nowhere near as busy back then. 🙂 But now, I thrive on useful apps for my phone that keep me in line. The below guest post gives you a couple of ideas on how to make your smartphone work for you.


As business owner and mom, you have a lot on your plate. What better way to keep everything straight than using something you already carry around with you every day? There are hundreds of smartphone apps designed to make your life more manageable. Below are five types of apps that will help you coordinate these two very important roles in your life:

Desktop Communications Apps 

For $100 a year, you can view your computer desktop right from your phone using apps such as GoToMyPC. Never again will you be out and about and not able to instantly access that important contract for your client or your child’s medical records for her new doctor.

Email Apps 

Whether you have Gmail or your own company email, there are apps available that allow you to read, send, and view your emails instantly. Easily access your email to correspond with a business partner, customers, or even your child’s teacher in a timely manner.

Calendar/Event Apps 

Keep track of all your important meetings, activities, and events with calendar or Event Apps. Set up appointment reminders so you will never miss an appointment. In addition, your readily-accessible calendar is easy reference whenever you need to. This helps you avoid double-booking a date.

List Apps 

Every mom needs a list app that allows you to record those important daily, weekly, and even monthly tasks that need to be done. There are plenty of apps to choose from that allow you to organize your professional and personal tasks. Some apps have themed lists, such as Out of Milk, which even allows you to create shopping lists.

Social Media Apps 

As a business woman, you need to have your business social media pages easily accessible. Downloading Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn apps to your phone allow you to easily update your statuses on these pages as well as receive instant notification when there is activity on your pages. Taking it a step further, social media management programs, such as HootSuite, allow you to schedule status updates across multiple social media platforms so that your business has a constant social media presence throughout the day.

Now your life has just gotten a little easier. No longer are you forced to say at home, glued to your computer, to manage your online business. You are free to enjoy your family knowing you can handle any business matters while you are out.