Wow. Yesterday was a whirlwind. Leticia and I left our hotel at about 10:00 am and did not return until after 10:30 pm. It was a long, fabulous day.

We took a shuttle to the Los Angeles Convention Center which took a while. I must say… there are not many places that I go where traffic is worst than Chicago. But yeah… LA wins the prize! The only other one that I would say is worse is New York City. YIKES!!! Anyway, upon arriving at the Expo we jumped right in. The main hall was not open until noon, but we spent some time winning prizes at the Toyota booth, the Ford booth, and much more.

One major highlight for me yesterday was getting a first look at the new Wii U system from Nintendo. It is big, but very fascinating! I want one. Nintendo is the only company showing off a new game system at this year’s event.

Afterwards we went outside to get some heat and wandered upon his huge tour bus which was waiting. We stalked it for a while but he was taking too long to come out. LOL! I got a great video of him speaking that I will share later.

I’m gearing up to go back out for a bit today. We will get to hang out with PlayStation and see what is going on with some new games in that area!

Later today I am headed out and back to the Midwest. And I found out that I will be leaving LAX only one hour before President Obama arrives! He has a fundraiser later tonight at a Beverly hotel which we saw last night while on a tour (aka in a taxi on the way to dinner).

So far I am loving LA and having a great time. I will definitely have to come back again.

Disclosure: AMD is providing expenses for this trip for my involvement in the AMD Tech Mom Ambassador program. All opinions are my own.