Parrot Minikit+ Bluetooth Speaker Review & Giveaway

A while ago, I reviewed the Parrot Minikit Slim Bluetooth Car Speakerphone. Now Parrot has updated that model to the Parrot Minikit+. The unit is bit smaller than the previous version, and it comes with a strap so that you can fit it around thicker visors if the clip does not fit.

The Parrot Minikit+ allows you to use of two devices simultaneously, so I paired the unit to my Samsung Galaxy S II Android phone, and my iPad. I do not get to use a speakerphone in my car a lot because of my kids, but I did try it out while they were in school and the sound is loud and clear. However,  my favorite thing to use the Parrot for is actually to listen to music direct from my phone and iPad. I can stream Pandora, Google Music, or my iTunes library. The sound quality is pretty good and much louder than the built-in speakers.

Full specs:

  • Green button: answer, call a contact from the phonebook, start voice recognition, confirm, dual call, private mode
  • Red button: hang up, switch on/off, exit the menus, cancel
  • Rotary button: access the menus, adjust the volume, send DTMF signals
  • Full duplex Audio
  • Built-in omnidirectional microphone
  • Audio output via the vibrating panel
  • Advanced Parrot NR3 noise reduction
  • APA echo cancellation
  • Voice menus for all menus
  • Multi-speaker voice recognition
  • Text To Speech: speech synthesis of the names in the phonebook
  • Dual Mode (Multipoint): simultaneous connection of two Bluetooth telephones
  • Pairing: up to ten devices
  • Battery life: over 12 hours’ talk time over 15 days on standby
  • Automatic connection by pairing order
  • Bluetooth v2.0 + EDR

Check out the below video to hear me talk a bit about the device while I test it out.

The Parrot Minikit+ is awesome for commuters, or those who just do not want to be tied down while talking on the phone in the car. It is also perfect as a speakerphone, or to listen to music in a hotel or elsewhere. The ability to pair it to up to 10 devices and use it with two phone simultaneously means that families who share a car all have access to the device from their phone. And it is small enough to be carried in a bag or transported from car to car.

The Parrot Minikit+ can be purchased for $89.99.


The Giveaway

Parrot would like you to try out the awesomeness. To enter just leave a comment below telling me if the handset law exists where you live, and if so… tell the truth… do you abide by that law?



Disclosure: This post and giveaway are sponsored by Parrot. All opinions are my own.

  • KYRA

    There is a law here in Texas. You must drive with a handsfree device. I do abide by the law. I am a volunteer with Big Brothers Big Sisters even using our bluetooth is not allowed. Not to mention I cannot afford to get a ticket.

  • Nicole Strunk

    There are cell phone laws in Oregon. I don’t talk and drive often, about 90 percent of when I do I have a plug in ear buds that I use. I an really guilty of pushing the super lucky button on the way to work in the morning while in slow moving traffic.

  • Tequila B

    I don’t believe that the Chicago suburb i live in has a law banning them yet, i do know that you can’t talk on your phone in a school zone, or text and drive. I honestly never text and drive, i do answer my phone at red lights and put it on speaker. I do believe that using your phone in the car is very dangerous and try to persuade my family not to do it.

  • Kelster

    I actually have no idea if there’s a law here in Miami/Florida. I think I once researched it and it seemed that there was but nobody obeyed it. I try not to use my cell phone while driving. Drivers are too crazy here for me to allow myself to be distracted even a tiny bit.

  • MJ Moore

    Wow, I’m embarrassed to admit that I’m not sure if we have a handset law! I know texting while driving is illegal in my state, and that’s a law I DO follow. But I definitely have been known to answer my phone on the road…