Summer is officially here!! Sure the weather has been awesome for while, but it was still not *summer*. The start of summer for me was marked by my kids FINALLY being out of school. They got out on Friday, June 15 and I think that I was more excited than they were. LOL!

Now that summer is here we have some time to put some fun things on our to do list. I have already snagged some wonderful deals thanks to Groupon for some awesome local things to do. I am looking for more to add to our list. Summer will be over before we know it, and I want to make sure that my kids remember what a great time they had.

Being a techy family, there will be no shortage of technology used in our household for summer. From computers, to games, to portable devices, it can all be used to ensure that we stay on schedule and have a good time.

Are you wondering how best to use technology to help you in your summer vacation planning or fun? Join myself and the other AMD tech moms for a fun Twitter party tonight. You just might win an awesome laptop!!

Twitter Party Details:

Rules to win:
  • Join the conversation for a chance to win an AMEX gift card – winner chosen at random – each AMD Tech Mom will choose one gift card winner based on the #AMDSummerVaca conversation
  • Join the #AMDSummerVaca Twitter Happy Hour conversation and pay attention to @AMDNotebook tweets on June 18, 2012 to find out more on how to win a fantastic laptop based on AMD technology!
  • Official rules here

Disclosure: As an AMD Tech Mom I receive compensation in the form of product, conference sponsorships, and cash in exchange for my involvement. All opinions are my own.