Now I will be the first one to tell you that I do not play many online games. I always feel guilty. I feel like I should be working instead. Ok, that is nonsense, I do play. Admitting that you have a problem is the first step right? LOL! I mean you can only work so much before you start feeling burned out. And other than a nap there is nothing better to blow off some steam than to play a game. It is necessary sometimes.

Online games are great because you can find so many. There is an endless supply. And, you do not have to install anything to your computer. Just open your browser and go. My kids play online games ALL THE TIME. And one of the things that I tell them to watch out for is sites that force you to create an account. They know not to do it. does not require you to sign up for anything, which is nice. Now you do have the option to register if you will play often and want to save your high scores and progress, but you don’t have to.

I have definitely found a new love in There are puzzle games, board games, word games, casino games, arcade games and much more. Some of the games featured include one of my old favorites like Bejeweled 3, Scrabble, and Monopoly. And a new favorite, Poppit! Poppit is the ultimate in addiction games. I love it! It is the perfect way to blow off some steam. Take out your frustrations on some ballons. 🙂 You will love it too. Go on, try it out right now…

How to Play: Race against the clock and pop as many balloons as you can. To play the Poppit!™ Sprint puzzle game, all you have to do is pop groups of two or more balloons of the same color in one minute. Fast pops of three or more balloons of the same color increase your multiplier and score.

The Small Print: Play the full version of this puzzle game for free* on Once you register, you will also be able to save your high scores, tokens, and  be able to enter daily for a chance to win prizes**. Join Pogo now and play over 100 free* online games!*Internet connection and EA account required.  Must be 13+ to create an EA account.**NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Eligibility restrictions apply. See Official Rules for details and alternative means of entry.


I just told my kids about and they looked excited. We went over which games are ok for them to check out and which are not (aka the Casino games).

Need to blow off some steam? Head on over to right now!

Disclosure: Although this is a compensated post sponsored by, all opinions (and my admission of an addiction) are my own.