Zoho Project Management Software for Collaboration

In my 9-5 days I had to do a bit of project management. It was not much, just some here and there when we had major projects. But now?? Since I am an one woman show I have to do all the project management myself. It was not easy keeping track of what format forms, documents, etc. had to be kept in. I would have loved a complete online solution that did it all for me.

Zoho Projects has plans that fit one woman shops like me, small businesses, or larger businesses. Plans start at only $20 a month which allow you to manage up to 20 projects. If you work on a lot of projects, you can get the maximum plan which allows you to manage unlimited projects. And they even offer a FREE plan which allows you to manage one project with 10mb of storage. That is perfect if you just want to try it out before upgrading. Or… if you are lucky enough to only be responsible for one project. 🙂

Project management software helps you make sure that you do not miss a beat. You can keep track of deadlines, task lists, responsible parties, files, and much more. And Zoho even interfaces with Google Apps, so you can import files from Google Drive and attach them to your projects. You can also use it to collaborate with other users so that everyone is kept up-to-date on what needs to be done next.

If you have a need for a project management solution for your business check out Zoho Projects.

  • Olga

    Thanks for sharing your experience. I guess you may also find useful TeamLab.com – a free project management set.

  • I like this post very much. It’s true that customers really are unsure of what they want or look for until and unless someone show them practically.
    Well, to my surprise I have been using this handy tool called the Happy TODOS that I came across quite a few months back. I found it really worth the price they are offering in comparison with its overall features and usability. I am sure you guys would have written the same thing if you would have discovered something that is quite wonderful and served your purpose.