Organizations are widely adopting the use of virtual desktop infrastructures (VDI) due to the many advantages they bring. In order to best manage these new IT services, monitoring end user experiences is key. This allows administrators to find potential flaws in the system and enhance the services. Citrix monitoring services help IT administrators handle the task of optimizing their networks and systems.

In order to monitor end user experiences, a complex application is required. This is due to the fact that each user may experience certain differences in their own devices and proper checking of the potential problems as presented by each individual user proves very imprecise and time-consuming. To handle this issue, proper VDI monitoring includes the ability to track the performance of any activities across an entire group, noticing any disparities in performance and singling out the specific user that is experiencing difficulties.

With properly conducted continuous monitoring of the infrastructure, it is also possible to find problems before users themselves are affected. This prevents workflow interruption and keeps the team working at its best. Finding issues sooner also helps to solve them while they are in their first stages, making problem resolution easier and faster.

Carefully monitoring end user experiences and identifying issues quickly or before they cause any problems keeps organizations efficient and workers productive and satisfied. Citrix monitoring is an excellent tool toward that goal.