I LOVE gift cards. Let me rephrase… I love gift cards that I will actually use. I have a plastic gift card for a well-known store in my house right now that I have had for over a year waiting for the perfect occasion to spend it. I decided recently that had come. And guess what??? I can’t find it!!! Ugh!!! I have looked at the thing no less than 3-4 times a week for a year. I am not exaggerating. The trouble came in when I decided to move it to somewhere else “safe” for easier access so that I could spend it. Of course that means that I hid it from myself. I have looked everywhere!!!

Now, had that been an electronic gift card, it would not be missing. It would be in my email or saved in my account for the retailer. Enter in Embly – a new social gifting service I discovered that will solve the gift card disappearing dilemma – where you can gift freely and socially. Embly allows you to send free gift cards to your Facebook friends easily from the web or a smartphone.

[stextbox id=”info” bcolor=”000000″ bgcolor=”940e21″ color=”ffffff”]Be one of the first 300 readers to click on my special invite link (https://www.embly.com/?hero_ref=LittleTechShutterfly) to join Embly’s invite-only service, and automatically receive a $10 Shutterfly gift card as well as ongoing access to their great new service.[/stextbox]

How could this possibly be free? That’s because Embly has partnered with a growing number of retailers who’d rather spend their marketing dollars on free gift cards for us: the retailer gets a visit from a new or existing customer, and you get all the credit for giving the gift!

With Embly, you can give the perfect gift card, not just for a friend’s birthday, but for any reason at all given the convenience of Facebook. You can send a gift card as freely as you post a message on their wall. Instead of sending them an animated rose GIF, you can send them something they can actually use!

And it could not be easier. When you visit Embly.com and log in with your Facebook account you are immediately presented with a “Give Gifts” page that  gives you lots of gift options perfect for special occasions, or even better—just because.. You can scroll through your friend list, or use the search box to find someone in particular. Click on that friend’s name and you are presented with many options of free gift cards to send. There is also a selection of gift cards you can purchase, too.

Embly has partnered with several awesome brands and more are being added as I type. Some of the retailers included are Shutterfly, thredUP, ShoeDazzle, and more.

I know that my friend Ronni loves snazzy shoes, so I sent her a gift to ShoeDazzle  that I’m sure she can appreciate. 🙂


The Embly site keeps track of all gifts that you have sent as well as all gifts that you have received. There is no keeping up with those plastic cards and losing them like I did!


Sign Up and Be Entered to Win!

Again, as an exclusive offer for my readers, if you sign up for Embly’s invite-only social gifting service, I’m giving you a $10 Shutterfly gift card that you can redeem immediately. What’s more, you can send that same Shutterfly gift card, and a whole range of other free gift cards directly to your friends, too.  How can you pass that up? That offer is good for the first 300 readers that click here using this LINK! Once you click over, you will automatically receive your Shutterfly gift card and access to use Embly for your own gift giving, and will be entered to win an awesome Shutterfly prize pack valued at $150!!

The prize pack includes:

• 1 Free photo book
• 1 Free calendar
• 50 Free cards
• 1 Free iPhone case

And while you are there, send some FREE gifts to your friends!

Sound cool? Follow Embly on Twitter and LIKE them on Facebook to keep up with new info as merchants are added. Now go forth and give some gifts! And be sure to come back and let me know what you think. 🙂


Disclosure: This post is brought to you by Embly.com. All opinions (and the loss of my gift card!) are my own fault. 🙂