When we had our home built back in 2006 we got our home wired for internet, and intercom, and a whole house audio sound system. And I am so glad that I pushed to get that! It makes a great impression on friends during parties, and it makes movie night incredible.

Some people dream about being able to sit back, relax and feel as though they are in a movie theater within the comfort of their own home. They love the idea of staying in on a Friday night and being absorbed by an action flick; however, most store bought TVs aren’t immediately equipped to do the job alone. If the idea of having a theater-like experience within your own home appeals to you, consider installing a surround sound system in your home.  A few tips to help you do so include:

Choose the Right System

Take some time to read online reviews of different surround sound systems. You may also want to sample surround sound systems before you actually invest in one. There are a variety of surround sound systems that can fit any budget. If you need a cheaper option, then you should consider the Insignia NS-H2002. This inexpensive surround sound system has a great sound quality.

Multimedia speakers from NHT are also a great choice for the budget-conscious shopper. For those who can splurge on a more extensive system, the five-piece Bose Lifestyle V20 is a great option. Always make sure that there is a warranty policy with your surround sound system in the event that it does not work.

Choose the Right Location

Make sure that you choose the right location for the placement of your surround sound system as you want to install the surround sound system the safe way to protect yourself from any potential danger.

For traditional surround sound systems, your center speaker could sit flush with your TV to reduce any distortion, and your right and left speakers should sit upfront and at equal distances.  All these speakers should try to remain at ear level for the best listening experience.  Your right and left surround sound speakers, while also remaining at ear level, should be placed directly to the right and left of where you will be regularly sitting to watch TV or movies and should point towards you.

The Wiring Process

You will have to wire the surround sound system near your stereo unit. If your wires are too short, then you can buy connectors so that they can be attached to the main unit. Sixteen-gauge wire should be fine for your speaker system. If it is possible, then you may want to place the wires through a small hole in the wall or under the floor. This will hide the appearance of the wires. Be careful that you do not puncture the wires when you are working with them.

By following these tips, you can install a surround sound system that will provide you and your family with years of entertainment. Just remember to do some preparation and make sure that you have the right places in your home to install these speakers.