The most recent Google branded tablet is the 10.2″ Pixel C which is getting rave reviews.

I was all prepared to tell you about my first impressions of the new Google Nexus 7 built by Asus. I even started a post. I pre-ordered and it arrived on July 17, which was earlier than some other folks, so I felt special. And I instantly fell in love. Yes… I have tried other tablets, but this one was different. It was cute and snappy. Not just snappy, but FAST!!!

I had zero issues with it until 2 days ago. I was playing 100 Floors (totally addictive!) and I put it down for a few minutes and walked away. When I came back I could not turn it on so I assumed that the battery died. I put it in my bag to go home. Later that night I plugged it in to charge.  About 1.5 hours later I picked it up again to use it and it would not turn on. I said “Hmm… that is strange. It has been plugged in all of this time and it did not charge.” I figured maybe I did not plug it in *right*. So, I unplugged it and plugged it back in. The charging symbol popped up as it should.

The next morning I again attempted to turn it on. All seemed to be well except it appeared to be taking a LONG TIME to boot up while making it’s way through the splash screens. I walked away and came back and it was rebooting. And that is where it stood. It would make it up to the screen lock and then reboot again…. and again…. and again.

So Wednesday morning I called Google. They were awesome. The tech basically said “Well no…it should not be doing that!” I explained that I had already tried to boot into recovery mode and hard reset and that did not work either. It was getting stuck at the Google screen attempting that. They were fast and efficient and agreed to send out a new unit. I was really hoping that they could tell me some magic buttons to click to fix it. I had JUST installed a new screen protector. And do you know how hard it is to install one perfectly with no bubbles?? Not only was that now a waste of money, but I have to install one on the new unit and hope that I can do it just as well.

Now I must wait! I called for a status update today because I never got an email confirmation about my phone call and request. Looks like they did not log my call until yesterday. And the exchange RMA request will likely not be processed until Monday it seems at which point I must do some clicking to claim my new until and agree to some terms before they will ship. Ugh! I miss it. Meanwhile I was waiting my time in other ways. 🙂

Despite this issue, I STILL love it and I cannot wait to get the new one back.


UPDATE: A few days later a new Nexus 7 arrived. It has no issues.