Being a parent is always a joy; however you can get really busy, really fast. Every parent needs a helping hand sometimes, and with the advancement of technology and smartphones, it is easier than ever to find the help you need. There are many apps that help you get through your day a little easier.

If you need help keeping track of everything your family has scheduled, Cozi is a wonderful app. Cozi has many options to help out any busy parent. You can input all of your familyís schedules into the calendar section, and color code it for each person. The calendar is shared online and can text you reminders for appointments and even email you the familyís weekly agenda. Of course, part of every parentís schedule is a trip to the store. Well, with Cozi, you can keep your shopping list handy as well. You can create your shopping list, add ingredients for recipes from Cozi Meals, and text or email the shopping list to any family member. Cozi is a free app and is available for several phones like the iPhone, Android, and Black Berry.

One question busy parents may hate to hear is ìwhatís for dinnerî. Well, this question can be easily answered with All Recipes app called DinnerSpinner. DinnerSpinner lets you find meal ideas based on dish type, ingredient, and the time it takes to make it. The times range from 20 minutes or less, over an hour, or even slow cookers. When you find a recipe that you want, you can read reviews, find nutritional facts, and save it to your favorites. DinnerSpinner lets you share recipes through email, Facebook and Twitter, so it is easier than ever to share meal ideas with other busy parents, even if they donít have the app. All Recipes app is free for iPhone, Android, Windows Phones, and Kindle Fire. If you want to, you can buy the pro version for $2.99 that is only available for the iPhone and Android right now.

Making sure your children get their chores done can be a chore all on its own. With My Job Chart it is easy to keep track of each kidís chore list, and their rewards. Parents can set up daily and nightly chores for each child, and the amount of reward points that can be used on Amazon. My Job Chart makes it easy for you to teach your children how to take responsibility, the value of a dollar, and even money management. Children can log in throughout the day to see what their chores are and how many points each one is worth. Once a chore is completed, they can add the points to their account and either use them to buy something right then, save them for something bigger, or even donate them to a charity. Parents receive and email saying that an Amazon purchase is requested, and can order the item. Throughout the day, parents can also log on to see what their child has done so far. My Job Chart is free and is currently available on iPhone and your computer.

Sometimes all a parent wants is a quick pick-me-up to keep them going throughout the day. Mama Mantras is an app to remind every parent that it is ok. This app has over 20 mantras and sayings to help any parent get through the day. You can mark you favorites or simply swipe or tap to get a new one. If you need that extra little ìumfî to get you through the day, Mama Mantras will be able to give you that extra push. Currently Mama Mantras is only available for iPhone and costs $0.99.

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